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Truly a "Jack-Of-All-Trades," Ansel dabbles in a little bit of everything, but his specialties are prose and scripts. Overall, his favorite stories to write are the ones you stumble upon in libraries and think about the next time you're all alone in the dark.


Poetry Collection | BookLeaf Publishing 2022

"A collection of poems on the gentle brush of fingers grabbing for the same object, the sympathetic gaze of strangers, and the way rain smells with a friend. On decay and reclaiming your body, moving forward with better love, and learning the inherent kindness of everyone around you."

Fridge Poetry was originally published as part of a poem-a-day challenge. It is dedicated to anyone and everyone who feels at home in dirt and decay.


Horror/Comedy Short Story | BOR 2023

"Josie has a nasty habit of killing things. She's told it runs in the family."

"'Dead-Beat' has the best first page of the whole lot. A delightfully irreverent and ironic voice runs throughout the story. The reader immediately knows that this is not a typical story, and the rest of the piece follows through on that promise. I loved the character of Uncle Death, and Josie was exactly the kind of plucky protagonist that can pull off this kind of adventure."
—SJ Sindu, Author of Blue-Skinned Gods


Horror Short Story | SHiFT: Volume 5, 2023

"This wagyu was unlike anything else.

A thick gelatin marbled
through the bite, too easily malleable in my tongue without needing to chew.
Liquid seeped from the folds of the meat. It was sharp and moldering, with a putrid, rancid flavor that overpowered every other sensation I had. No seasoning, no butter or oil. A perfectly cooked and measured bite of rotten meat."


midnight manor button.png


In a futuristic, overpopulated world, R.E.E.S.E. is an AI program designed to convince people to die in an attempt to control the population. When she meets a young runaway, she's forced to confront the reality of her software.

Have you ever wondered what The Labryinth would be like if Sarah and the Goblin King were lesbians? In this pilot episode, teenager Claire attempts to rescue the kid she's babysitting from her
ex—the Goblin Queen, and make it back in time for prom.

When internet celebrity, part-time ghost-hunter, and full-time witch, Lilith is brought to a haunted house by none other than the ghost that's haunting it, she begins to unravel a decades-old murder mystery in this 22-page comic.

Science Fiction | Drama

Fantasy | Dramedy

Fantasy Comic | Drama






Arthur Cartwright has quite a few questions for the magic, talking hand that popped out of his toilet. Namely; "who's this King Arthur guy?" and "Can I keep the sword?"

"His toilet erupted with deep blue light, water bubbling and threatening to flood over. As the Lady spoke, her voice became deeper, echoing and projecting through Arthur’s small bathroom as she enunciated each word. The tiles bounced between syllables, the shower curtain rustling and threatening to fall from its loosely fastened bar. The lights flickered, humming and twitching."

Fantasy | Comedy

dirty secrets icon_edited.png

A virus has broken out on Celsius, a sentient spaceship sent to explore deep space. When the captain locks himself in the control room to avoid contamination, Celsius begins to learn that it may have more in common with the alien than its passengers.

"The captain madly threw every available piece of unused hull at the doors that led to the rest of Celsius. In his desperation, he ripped control panels from their resting spots and heaved chairs from the floor, stacking everything in a haphazard, desperate attempt to lock himself in safety, away from the fungus. He stripped the fabric of his dying coworkers' hazmat suits, plastering it against the vents to prevent the air from tarnishing with potential spores."

Science Fiction | Drama

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Magical Realism | Romance

Attica loves drawing at her local museum. She loves the museum curator even more. Now if only she could figure out why said curator seems so familiar.

"It was accidental how she found herself at the local museum—how she had stumbled in one storming day with her sweatshirt pulled high above her head, sketchbook tucked close to her chest to prevent it from being exposed to the water. At first, when the curator stared with wide brown eyes at her disgruntled appearance, Attica assumed she was about to be scolded or, God forbid, kicked out. Yet, after a pause and a quivering gaze, the curator broke into a soft smile."

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Normal couples divorce because of money, custody, or scandal. The Crawfords, however, are fighting over a prize-winning gerbil.

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Some secrets are too dangerous to tell. Some secrets could ruin lives. Some secrets are taken to the grave. Brian's secret is just plain weird.


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radiomancer button.png

An exploration of gaslighting and manipulation.

A Twine game about world with mutation-based magic.

respawn icon_edited.png

A  thought-experiment on the queerness of reviving.



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